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Ukraine at D+134: Preparing for an end to Russia’s operational pause. (The CyberWire) Mr. Putin says no one should count on Ukrainian battlefield victory, because Russia’s hardly gotten started.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 135 (Al Jazeera) As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 135th day, we take a look at the main developments.

Ukraine Says Western Weapons Begin to Help as It Raises Flag on Snake Island (Wall Street Journal) President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Western heavy weapons are starting to have an effect on the battlefield but urged speedier deliveries, particularly of antiaircraft systems, as Russia continued lobbing missiles into Ukrainian cities.

Zelensky says Ukraine will not give up territory for peace with Russia: ‘This is our land’ | CNN Politics (CNN) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that Ukraine is unwilling to cede any of its land to Russia, standing firm that a concession of Ukrainian territory won’t be part of any diplomatic negotiations to end the war.

Russia-Ukraine war: Putin warns Moscow has ‘barely started’ its campaign (The Telegraph) Vladimir Putin has issued a defiant warning to the west claiming that Moscow has barely started its military campaign in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Implausible Theories of Victory (Foreign Affairs) The fantasy of Russian defeat and the case for diplomacy.

G-20 diplomats fail on unity over Ukraine, war’s impact (AP NEWS) Deeply divided top diplomats from the world’s richest and largest developing nations failed to find common ground Friday over Russia’s war in Ukraine and how to deal with its global impacts, leaving prospects for future cooperation in the forum uncertain.

Germany refuses to ‘plunder its own military’ for the sake of Ukraine (The Telegraph) Pressure on Olaf Scholz to provide armoured vehicles, as German MPs prepare to set an example by limiting their own use of hot water

Army leaders convene with allies to review Ukraine war lessons (Stars and Stripes) The implications of drones and long-range artillery were among the Ukraine war topics discussed by U.S. Army leaders and other allied commanders Thursday, as they assessed the path forward for an…