Open Classroom For Continuous Training In IT (Information Technology)

easy use, IT or Information Technology (for its abbreviated form in English) requires more continuous training than any other field. Updating knowledge in programming, data analysis or computer security is imperative for professionals who are increasingly in demand. Systems engineer Ignacio Perez, head of security at Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos (AST), knows this all too well.

“If you leave university you will have to dedicate 10% of your salary to training; Centers for advanced technologies, such as CTAs, are of great relevance”, he explains, especially for those who complete their degrees and Let’s start labor in the market. ,When you already have some experience, the courses offered by CTAs certified by manufacturers complementBut when you start working they bring a advancement in the field It is important to give you the technical knowledge, which is very different from the academic ones, that facilitates the approach of companies». Furthermore, “they are usually very expensive courses and the CTA gives them for free”, although with prior exams and selections, he recalls Aragon’s “good position” in computing.

Progress in the field of work. For Inmaculada Sanz, industrial engineer Who has finished working in this field, going through CTA has been decisive. “I was working in an SME for 20 years, but in this 2022 I had to look for a job. So I signed up for a course on Data Visualization on ‘Tableau Servers’ in which I was the only unemployed person.

Came from other companies to learn how to implement this tool. And being in the course they told me there was a company that was looking for someone for data analysis, they called me and I’m already working”, she explains, reassuring be “in an emerging field” and Grateful for the opportunity that the CTA, dependent on the Aragonese Employment Institute, has given him. “The best part is that they try to customize the curriculum as per the requirement of the industry», that is, they make possible anything simple and difficult, as well as matching supply and demand in the labor market.

get closer to reality, Christiane, one of the students who passed out from the CTA, who hasn’t…