Our Latest Techdirt Gear: I Paid More For This T-Shirt Than Trump Paid In Taxes

We were working on some new Techdirt gear designs for our Techdirt Gear shop at Threadless (stay tuned!) when the NY Times dropped its bombshell of a story regarding President Donald Trump’s tax returns. As you likely know, despite every Presidential candidate in my lifetime releasing their tax returns, Trump has refused to do so (also, despite promises that he would). For years, reporters have sought out those taxes, and somehow the reporters at the Times got them. There were many interesting things highlighted in those tax returns, but a key point that has resonated widely: in the year Trump won the Presidency he only paid $ 750 in federal taxes (the same as he paid in many other years as well, including his first year as President in 2017).

Lots of people have been pointing out that this is crazy for all sorts of reasons, and plenty of people, including Joe Biden have jumped in with “I paid more in taxes than Donald Trump” gear. But, here at Techdirt, we believe in… going bigger. So we’re selling a “I Paid More For This T-Shirt Than Trump Paid In Taxes” t-shirt… for $ 751 (plus shipping).

This is a real shirt and you can really buy it. Whether or not it’s worth paying $ 751 for such a t-shirt is a decision that only you can make, though we’d be happy with that kind of support.

Of course, if that’s a bit too pricey for you, we do still have a lot of other more affordable gear you can pick up too, like our copyright takedown gear:

Or our 1st Emojiment gear that explains the 1st Amendment in emoji.

And many other designs and products (not just t-shirts, we’ve got face masks, mugs and notebooks among many other items as well). So shop around, and feel free to spend more supporting us than the President has spent supporting the United States of America.