Overwatch 2’s Extremely Long Queue Lines Might Be Ending Soon

Logging in to Overwatch 2 is now easier and quicker than when it was newly launched more than 12 hours ago.

Overwatch 2 players’ complaints about not being able to get have steadily dwindled due to Blizzard Entertainment’s efforts to mitigate or manage the multiple distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks the game’s servers suffered at launch, per Game Rant.

Overwatch 2 experienced at least two DDoS attacks during the first 24 hours since its release on Oct. 4, with Forbes reporting that the issue started earlier in the morning of the game’s launch.

Overwatch 2 Server Issue History Details

Numerous Overwatch 2 players took to various social media platforms to complain about the game’s extremely long wait time to log into it.

A thread in the r/Overwatch subreddit showed that some players were waiting in line behind 30,000 other people to get into the game, while some were unable to connect it outright due to their computers being unable to connect to the game’s server.

Some players even reported that even if there were no other people ahead of them, they were unable to get into the game for some time, only for them to be sent back to the queue to wait for another long period.

This difficulty to connect to the game’s servers was due to the DDoS attacks it experienced when it was first launched on Oct. 4, which prevented players from getting into the game on time.

For those unaware, a DDoS attack is a technique wherein a hacker overwhelms the server of a website or platform with fake traffic using a botnet to make it unavailable to legitimate users, per Imperva.

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Blizzard president Mike Ybarra mentioned on his official Twitter page that Blizzard became aware of the connection issue an hour after the game launched, but it is unaware of the cause at the time.

The company soon did, however, which prompted Ybarra to say that the company’s teams were working hard to mitigate or manage the issue.