PC Clean at a Nice Price

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Why does everything slow down as it gets older?

Me, for example. Every day, basic tasks become more arduous. Some mornings, even the distance between the bed and the floor seems insurmountable… and that’s gravity assisted – well, apart from the actual standing-up bit obviously.

There was a time when I could remember every item on a list without having to actually look at the list. Now I’m lucky if I can remember there’s a list at all.

As for sleep; why can’t I ever seem to get enough? When did it become the most important thing in my life? Did I always need this much sleep to function?

The more I think about it, the more I’m like a PC. As time goes on, memory fails, I slow down, I can’t think straight and a take forever to get started. In fact, if I was a computer, you’d definitely be looking to upgrade me by now. I don’t even think you’d get much for a trade anymore.

Sadly, unlike a PC, I can’t just download an app to get me going again…

Norton Utilities Ultimate is a suite of computer tuning tools packaged together by NortonLifeLock – the renowned cyber-security specialists. Utilities Ultimate is not really about security though – instead, it lets you access a wide selection of settings, tweaks and protocols that can keep your PC running more smoothly, more efficiently and above all else, faster.

I’ve used products like this in the past because, when you like to fiddle around your computer’s setup the way I do, it’s not unusual to end up making things worse rather than better. Adjusting the wrong start-up behaviour or installing a program that uses up more of your PC’s resources than it should is easy to do, yet can be a real challenge to identify – let alone rectify.

That’s why I’ve really appreciated the stripped-back, easy-on-the-eye Norton Utilities Ultimate interface. When you open the app, a simple dashboard appears, offering you the option to analyse your PC to see if there are any issues that need dealing with. This only takes a few seconds, after which you’re presented with a list of things that can be fixed up. These vary from broken registry entries, to unnecessary startup items, to misconfigured internet settings.

It’s a pretty…