Philippine Women’s University Selects Cyberinc Isla to Safeguard against Malware Attacks and Credential Theft

Cyberinc’s Browser Isolation Platform to Protect University’s Online Activities by Isolating and Blocking Malicious Sites and Documents

Cyberinc announced today that the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) in Manila, Philippines, has chosen the Isla Browser Isolation Platform to protect the university, its teachers, and staff from the risk of online activities and ensuing threats such as phishing, ransomware and other malware. The Isla deployment adds a strong layer of security for PWU employees who are working or teaching online by isolating web pages and documents to ensure only safe content is rendered to end-user devices.

Browser isolation is a powerful technology that proactively stops breaches before they happen, easing the burden on university IT and security teams to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. With Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform, PWU can protect employees and end-users who may accidentally click on a malicious link, download a risky file from phishing schemes, or succumb to credential theft, and other prominent web-based threats.

PWU is a 102-year-old university established in 1919, to lead the national charge seeking to empower women. It’s the first university for women in Asia founded by Asians and operates as a non-profit and non-sectarian institution. It started admitting men as early as the 1970s and has been fully co-educational ever since. PWU is in the top tier of the Philippine educational hierarchy and works to develop individuals through excellence in teaching, dynamic and relevant research, and responsive service supported by evolving technology for global competence.

“The PWU vision is to maintain excellence in teaching, research, and services. Security is an important component to delivering on our vision. Since the Covid-19 pandemic forced all education online, our university has been aggressively looking for ways to strengthen its cybersecurity,” said Marco Benitez, PWU President. “With our faculty and personnel needing access to online services for banking, or to download documents from government agencies and other organizations nearly every day, our risks have only risen. We were looking for a platform that offered…