PIXM Mobile provides real-time protection from phishing attacks on mobile devices

PIXM announced the expansion of its anti-phishing products with the launch of PIXM Mobile, which protects individuals and enterprises from targeted and unknown phishing attacks on mobile devices.

PIXM Mobile is a cloud-based mobile solution developed with Computer Vision (CV) cybersecurity technology to identify phishing attacks on mobile devices and stop them in real-time, as a user clicks on a malicious link. PIXM Mobile stops phishing on any app, including SMS (“smishing”), social media, and business collaboration apps, as well as email and web-based phishing pages.

“Phishing is the Achilles heel of all security deployments. No amount of training can make it impossible to be phished,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. “New approaches leveraging AI can exceed even the best security professional’s ability to detect and avoid phishing.”

Computer Vision is a field of AI software that can ‘see’ and is powered by convolutional networks, machine learning models trained on millions of labeled images. PIXM’s award-winning Computer Vision cybersecurity solution was developed by artificial intelligence experts who leveraged breakthroughs in deep learning and convolutional neural networks in order to achieve 500x faster detection of fraudulent web pages.

Many mobile device phishing solutions rely on a combination of domain blacklists, IP reputation, and score-based risk evaluations, all of which are reactive and dependent upon pre-existing intelligence. With a Computer Vision-based cybersecurity solution at the browser level, PIXM Mobile can instantly visually analyze and identify any phishing attempt as it happens—from broad phishing campaigns to single-target spear-phishing attacks—and disrupt the attack.

“Our mission at PIXM is to stop phishing attacks at the point of click with next-generation artificial intelligence, protecting users no matter which platforms or applications they are using,” said Chris Cleveland, Founder and CEO, PIXM. “The future of work communication is through social applications and mobile devices. The next generation of phishing attacks are already exploiting these new vectors. This mobile…