Play some ‘Financial Football’ designed by Visa to learn more about cybersecurity

While cyber-attackers strike all year round, October, designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, is an ideal time to cover how to best protect yourself from online threats that can compromise your devices and data.

This annual educational campaign has occurred since 2004, but for the first time Khan Academy, the popular nonprofit that provides free educational lessons to learners of all ages, has partnered with tech giant Google to create courses and videos loaded with tips to helping you stay safe online.

In fact, this Khan Academy Internet Safety Course features Khan Academy founder Sal Khan, who paired up with Google security experts to provide actionable advice to keep online accounts secure, browse the web safely, detect phishing attempts and more.

“A lot of parents know about Khan Academy because their kids use Khan Academy at school,” says Khan, in an email interview with USA TODAY. “Tens of millions of learners, teachers and parents use our exercises, software and videos every month, and increasingly we are partnering with school districts serving underserved communities to accelerate the learning of their students.”

“Now we’ve created new lessons for adults, thanks to Google’s support,” continues Khan.

“Our internet safety course can help parents. And really, I mean any grownup, anywhere, stay safe online,” Khan adds. “Learn how to keep devices and accounts safe, how to recognize scams, and how to protect your personal data while shopping online. What’s more, all the lessons are free.”

According to Google, this video-centric content is based on what web users are searching for, including: password managers (reaching a record high this year, says Google); searches related to phishing and vishing (voice phishing); “identity theft” research (“how to report,” “how to prevent”); and virtual private networks (VPNs) went up a whopping 4,500 percent, says Google.

Lessons aplenty

The Khan Academy partnership was announced by Google back on Feb. 7 (“Safer Internet Day”), but has just launched in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Interviewed by Khan, the four Google speakers and topics are as follows:

Guemmy Kim, product management director, account security, at…