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Protect yourself from online attacks that threaten your identity, your files, your system, and your financial well-being.

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The main thought that comes to mind after buying bitcoin is how to store them and keep them safe, because after investing so much time and investing a lot of money if your money has been stolen or scammed it will be a very big loss. In 2017, after reaching its peak, once Bitcoin lost its charm before returning to its glory again. In 2019, in this moment of glory, there were also so many hacking events that took place because users were new to the system and did not know how to keep the system and money safe.

The hackers came up with such crazy ways to steal the funds. Most of them were rerouting by redirecting the coins or binding them with other wallets or by using simple sights and systems and the victims can do nothing but just watch their money go away.

Bitcoin keys

Being a virtual currency and not having any physical existing in the real world, bitcoin cannot be stored in a real place as another asset, it cannot be stored in any store or at home or in any security management company, being completely a digital asset you need to reach them through proper digital numbers and codes these numbers called keys there are two types of keys private key and public key these keys also called Bitcoin addresses.

Public key

The public key is only used to send money, it is as if you gave someone your email address, he can only send you mail but cannot check your inbox or other details, the public key works with the same behavior, and it is safe even if you share your public key.

Private key

A private key is the primary key like a store key that you use to take or send bitcoins to or from the wallet and must be protected if the private key remains protected, the account will also remain protected, although it is possible that hacker steals the private key and takes out all your money and leaves you empty-handed, there are many methods to keep these keys and the account safe, to know more about bitcoin…