Pros and Cons of Using a Router – Computer Security?

Recently asked a question and was told that if I have a router, it is impossible to hack into my computer even if another person has my IP address. Are there any other positives when dealing with routers? Can anything negative come from it? I plan on adding a password so that no one steals my service via WiFi, but anything beyond that? Or is it just a smart investment with no cons, really?

p.s. I only own one computer

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  1. Jonathon says:

    yea if you have a router and you believe that it makes your computer invincible from hackers that will be a huge security risk if you actually believe that but the truth is it does help prevent some bad things to happen to your computer not everything tho
    good thing is you can later upgrade your network later if you get more computers
    bad thing is you have to know how to forward ports or learn how to forward ports to the right computer to use some things on there but once you figure it out its a really good thing to be able to control the information on your network

  2. wokan says:

    If you set the router to forward all unknown traffic to that 1 system, they you’ll have wasted your time and money. A router will prevent someone getting directly at your system looking for security holes (as well as automated scans by botnets and worms). This won’t protect you from things like trojans running on web sites. If your browser requests a file through the router, the router will bring that file right on through to your system.

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