Questions linger regarding NCDIT hack

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A lot of questions remain following the shutdown of many state computer systems last week. 

The state’s Department of Information Technology admits it encountered what they call a “cyberthreat” last week and has been working to get all systems back online. 

However, there are a lot of answers that remain elusive as to exactly what happened and how large the impact was. 

CBS 17 has pieced together information about the hack. 

We depend on our computer systems at home and at work and it’s common knowledge in the cyber security world that hackers are always trying to get into our personal as well as work systems. 

It’s an everyday occurrence and the state Department Of Information Technology says every week, “billions of intrusion attempts” are made to the state network. 

Last week, the agency admitted they encountered a threat which required them to protect state systems and data prompting what they called “system maintenance.”   

That knocked scores of state computers in many agencies offline. NCDIT did not reveal how many agencies were affected.

However, the NC Department of Health and Human Services was one of the agencies affected because it posted a notice on its website saying systems that were affected by the outage are now back online.   

The proactive action by NCDIT required password resets for many employees of state agencies, council of state offices and some local governments. 

NCDIT says due to the large number of accounts, they are taking time to get reset all passwords. 

They said teams worked through the weekend to restore things. But CBS 17 saw tweets on the NCDIT twitter page from Monday and Tuesday indicating that some state employees were still not online and were frustrated.  

Tweets of frustrated customers. (Steve Sbraccia/CBS 17)

NCDMV says impacts to its services were “minimal” and that no driver’s license offices or license plate agencies were closed as a…