Ransomware Gangs: the Newest Form of International Cyber Criminals

By Author: by Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, Security Television Network

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    September 2, 2021 (Security Television Network) — Reporting (Security Television Network)—The future of our safety is in our hands and on our screens, as the United States and several other countries battle against cyber threats daily made by the newest form of online international criminals: Ransomware gangs. Ransomware, or the growing form of malware that can be placed upon files and systems that can make them incapable of use. The nation has seen several cyber ransomware breaches this past year, including claims of attempted breach of the Republican National Committee, to the hacking of the Colonial Gas Pipeline, and even wiped a small town in Maryland off the Internet entirely.

As threats surrounding ransomware unfold, we are now learning of a new term within the community of cyber security: Ransomware Gangs—describing groups of cyber hackers who team up and attack multiple individuals online at the same time as a collective. Many high-ranking officials and professionals who specialize in computer science and the cyber-world say that these ransomware gangs are vast in size and must be brought to the attention of the public in order to learn more about computer safety.

Dr. Theodore Allen, Associate Professor of Integrated Systems Engineering and Computer Science Engineering at The Ohio State University, believes that many people in the west do not know the large threat of cyber ransomware gangs and what they pose. “I use data to help people find out how to defend themselves”

“I use data to help people find out how to defend themselves”

“I have read a series of articles… about the growing ecosystem and maturity level of ransomware organizations. Some seem less like games and more like software companies… many of us in the West seem remarkably oblivious to world conflicts and their effects” Allen said.

Allen continues to say that the gangs have business/organizational-like features, adopting more of a professional and organized nature to ensure successful hacking.

“Some ransomware organizations have customer relations…