Ransomware Patch or Perish: Attackers Exploit ColdFusion

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Cring Ransomware Unleashed After Attackers Exploit Unpatched Flaw From 2009

September 27, 2021    

Ransomware Patch or Perish: Attackers Exploit ColdFusion
Ransom note left by attackers wielding Cring ransomware (Source: Sophos)

For battling ransomware, experts advise security teams to keep current on how attackers have been hacking their latest victims. In particular, they need to learn from attacks that target other organizations in their sector, and apply this knowledge to ensure they have the right defenses in place to avoid becoming an attacker’s next victim.

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At the same time, they also need a decent level of basic preparedness. For example, witness how one technology services firm recently saw its systems get crypto-locked with ransomware.

“The incident serves as a stark reminder that IT administrators cannot leave out-of-date…