Re-Captcha Redirects, Security Checks, Chrome Errors

Hey there, hoping to get some help with my laptop before I throw it out the door. I use it for work and about a month ago something started happening that is causing a huge slow down with me navigating sites for work all day.

I suddenly stopped being able to simply login most anywhere. Most sites redirect me to a “security check” page that tells me to do a re-captcha to prove I’m a human. For example, see the attached screenshot of me trying to login to which worked just fine until about a month ago and now it redirects me to this security page over and over and then finally lets me in after I do like 4 of these. Every single time.


Another thing that started happening is that some sites won’t even let me to the login at all. I’ve had this happen on all sorts of sites from local government sites to that I use a lot for work (course creator site). See attached screenshot of the err_empty_response I get on these sites that won’t even let me get to the login screen. I’m now having to use another computer to access sites that do this.


I’ve been told by Geeksquad that I could have a browser redirect adware but I’m not getting any adware popups. And I have scanned my computer so many times with Malwarebytes and Kaspersky and Windows Defender without it finding anything at all.

I also see that alot of these “security check” pages like the one in the attachment will say something about my IP address being flagged for suspicious activity. So, I’ve reset my home router several times and assigned a new IP address but that hasn’t fixed anything.


Short of paying $150 to geeksquad, which I’m not too thrilled to do without knowing if they would even find anything, can you please help me out with suggestions on what this could be??

Edition Windows 10 Home

Version 20H2

Installed on ‎6/‎15/‎2020

OS build 19042.867




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