Redistricting and security: Major changes in the primary for voters

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Before this primary election- West Virginia was one of only two states in the nation, along with New Hampshire, that had multimember districts. For the 2022 May primary voters will notice the change from 67 districts to 100 single-member districts, according to Secretary of State Mac Warner.

Mac Warner

“In the past we’ve had multi-member districts and the law was passed a couple of years ago and is going into effect this election for the first time. So that is one thing the clerks have been working very hard is to get those districts properly lined out,” Warner said.

Voters who were placed in an updated district/precinct should have received a postcard with updated voter information. Warner urges voters with questions to go to to confirm your registration and polling location.

Experts said the change to single-member districts serve voters better because they’re smaller putting representatives are closer to constituents, voters have to learn about fewer candidates and candidates are required to make a connection with voters rather then blending in on the ballot.

One less congressional district

The next big change is West Virginia lost a congressional district following the 2020 United States Census. When the two districts combined to make the newly formed Second Congressional District it pits two incumbents- David McKinley and Alex Mooney- against each other for the primary along with several other Republican challengers.

Research America’s Rex Repass said polls show McKinley could be the incumbent squeezed out.

“Alex Mooney has a strong 15-point lead over David McKinley among likely Republican and Independent voters in the newly created Second Congressional District,” Repass said.

Also battling for the Republican nomination in the newly-formed Second Congressional District is Mike Seckman, Rhonda Hercules and Susan Bucsher-Lochocki.

On the Democrat side of the newly formed Second Congressional District ticket is former Morgantown city councilman Barry Wendel and Angela Dwyer, a security operations manager.

In the First District, incumbent Republican Carol Miller faces challengers Scott Fuller, James Houser, Zane Lawhorn and Kent Stevens. On…