Russian Defense Ministry website targeted by foreign cyberattack

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Russia’s Defense Ministry was targeted by a DDoS cyberattack conducted by a foreign source on Friday, according to the Russian TASS news agency.

“The official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the Internet was subjected to a DDoS attack, as a result of which some users may experience difficulties in accessing its content,” the ministry said, according to TASS.

The ministry added that the source of the attack came from outside Russia. The site has been restored.

The computer security service of the Defense Ministry stated that “No violations in the operability of the software and technical infrastructure of the website of the Russian Defense Ministry have been allowed.”

US President Joe Biden recently warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US would take “any necessary action” to stop cyberattacks from Russia, after a series of cyberattacks from within Russia territory targeted US companies.

Biden told reporters that he “made it very clear to him that the United States expects when a ransomware operation is coming from his soil, even though it’s not sponsored by the state, we expect them to act if we give them enough information to act on who that is,” according to the BBC.

The Kremlin denied that the US has contacted Russia about cyberattacks, saying that Russia is ready to “jointly clamp down on criminal activity in the informational sphere.”