S. Korean armed forces demonstrate readiness with joint landing operationNews

A South Korean Air Force P-3C maritime patrol aircraft flies over the coastline of Yeongilman along with an E-737 Peace Eye.
The operation code is “Peacemaker.”
Soon, the Air Force’s aerial refueling aircraft KC-330 will make its way above the coastline guarded by military fighter jets– F-35A and F-15K.
With purple smoke RF-16 Global Hawk aircrafts soar into the sky followed by the loud noise of a sonic boom.
Their mission is to hit the Air Force’s main target.
Now, it’s the turn of the Korea Assault Amphibious Vehicle.
With yellow and white smoke shooting out of the sea 48 KAAVs and 48 IBS inflatable boats land along the coastline while Apache attack helicopters along with several Surions, Chinooks, and Black Hawks, which provide airborne firepower support.
Soon after landing with loud shouts some 8-hundred marines fully equipped with military gear run forward from the KAAVs.
Their unit target is secured.

(STANDUP) ed: Steve
“One of the highlights from this year’s event: joint forces from the Army, Navy, and Air Force demonstrated their amphibious operations.”

For the first time in history, the South Korean Marine Corps was the host for this year’s Armed Forces Day taking place in the southeastern port of Pohang– the home of the Marine Corps since 1959.
More importantly, Pohang is where UN forces initiated its first amphibious mission during the Korean War which became one of the war’s most pivotal areas.

“To prepare for the 73rd Armed Forces Day, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps trained and practiced together. The whole process was a chance to be able to check our military’s readiness for joint operations.”

Finally, the joint landing mission is completed. with the raising of the South Korean flag.
The country’s armed forces vow to develop an integrated air defense systemand to prepare for a modernized military defense as well as a cyber warfare system based on Artificial Intelligence.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News, Pohang.