Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) gets monthly security patches

Mid-range devices don’t expect to get as many updates and security patches as the flagship devices so when they do get something, it’s a good surprise. Owners of the Galaxy A8 (2018) got a “gift” as they have received the September security patch just weeks after getting the June and August updates as well. While there doesn’t seem to be any new features that come with this update, having security patches on a more regular basis is already a pretty good treat to have.

The upper mid-range Galaxy A8 (2018) enterprise edition is only supposed to get a quarterly security update while the non-enterprise model usually gets it every six months. We don’t know if that schedule has now changed for good as they are receiving the security update for the month of September, as per SAM Mobile. This is just weeks after they have already received the June and August update, skipping the July one apparently.

It’s also possible that the September security patch may be addressing some critical issues that it couldn’t wait until the next scheduled update. What we do know is that firmware version A530FXXSLCUH5 has started rolling out in South America, Colombia in particular. This should also expand to other markets in the next few weeks. There are no new features and enhancements with this update, just the security patch.

Samsung devices are guaranteed up to three years of OS updates and four years of security updates so the Galaxy A8 (2018) is nearing its update end date. The European Union has been fighting to get OEMs to extend these to five years as part of their right to repair act. The German federal government is also thinking to extend that to seven years. This might force companies like Samsung to extend everything eventually, not just in those territories.

For now, if you have the Galaxy AA8 (2018) with model number SM-A530F, enjoy the new September security patch update. You can check if it’s already available by going to your Settings and Software update section.