Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus review: Best Android tablet despite imperfections

South Korean electronics major makes some of the best Android tablets, and the legacy continues with the Galaxy Tab S8+. One of the three in the Galaxy Tab S8 series, the Plus model brings the best of without being on the expensive side of the price spectrum. That said, the Galaxy Tab S8+ is a balanced proposition in the premium Android tablet segment. But, what drives its utility and does it deliver on experience? Let’s find out:


Made of aluminium, the Galaxy Tab S8+ is a thin-and-lightweight tablet. It is comfortable to hold and operate, and does not take much space, be it on a desk or inside a backpack. On the front, it has thin display bezels with the front camera positioned in the centre on the right bezel area (in vertical orientation). Its volume rocker keys and power button, which doubles up as a dedicated button to wake-up Bixby, are placed towards the top on the right side of the frame (in vertical orientation). On the rear, it has a dual-camera array positioned on the top left side (in vertical orientation), followed by a thin magnet strip to hold and charge the SPen. The front and rear camera placement, volume rockers, power button, and SPen placement are design elements that make it obvious that the tablet is designed for use in horizontal orientation. That said, the overall design of the Galaxy Tab S8+ is good from a portability perspective, but not conducive for comfortable use due to its tall and broad form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Display and audio

The Galaxy Tab S8+ sports a 12.4-inch super AMOLED screen of WQXGA+ (2800 x 1752) resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate. The display is bright, vivid, and responsive. Much like design, the display is well suited for use in horizontal orientation, but works so for many Android apps in vertical orientation too. Complementing the big screen is the Bluetooth-based digital stylus called SPen. Unlike the SPen that comes with Samsung smartphones, the one that comes with Galaxy Tab S8+ is full-sized for a natural pen-like experience. It works well for everything possible with it. Together with large responsive…