Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G: A cheat sheet

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Equipped with 5G, triple rear cameras and S Pen support, the third iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold foldable smartphone is cheaper than its predecessors but still rings in at $1,800.


Image: Samsung

Samsung has unveiled the third generation of its Galaxy Z Fold smartphone named appropriately enough the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. In many ways, the new phone is similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Both phones offer a hinged foldable design with internal and external screens, 5G connectivity, a 7.6-inch display and a rear triple camera setup. But the Z Fold 3 5G ups the ante with S Pen support, a speedier processor and a somewhat lower price tag.

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What is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G?

The most prominent feature of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is its foldability. Since unveiling the Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, Samsung has been banking that consumers would be attracted to the novelty and uniqueness of foldable phones. Like its predecessor, the Z Fold 5G offers a hinge-based design that allows you to unfold and fold the phone.

When the device is folded, the 6.2-inch cover screen lets you view, work and play with all your apps and content. Unfold the phone, and the edge-to-edge 7.6-inch internal display takes the stage with two screens. Both screens can function as one to give you extra real estate, or they can work separately. For example, open a document in the top half and launch a virtual keyboard in the bottom half, and your phone functions like a small laptop. A special customizable taskbar lets you quickly access your favorite apps.


Image: Samsung

The hideaway hinge that holds the two halves together allows the phone to stay in place at any angle, even standing up. The hinge on the Z Fold 3 is thinner than the one on its predecessors, according to Samsung. Plus, a sweeper feature uses bristles to repel dust and dirt and keep the hinge area clean.

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