Samsung gives the Galaxy S7 and S8 some love with new updates

What you need to know

  • Samsung has brought updates for its Galaxy S7 and S8 devices.
  • The updates place firm focus on improving the device’s GPS capabilities while lacking security improvements.
  • Samsung also updated its Galaxy Note 8 and S7 Edge with an interest in updating other old phones, too.

Samsung takes us back as it updates its old Galaxy S7 and S8 phones.

It’s a bit hard trying to look back five or six years to Samsung’s old Galaxy S7 and S8, especially after the Unpacked event where Samsung revealed the successors to its best foldable phones. However, according to Galaxy Club, these two devices are the first of several receiving new updates from Samsung. Keep in mind that the Galaxy S7 is nearly seven years old while the S8 is almost six.