San Francisco Safeway Increases Security Measures – NBC Bay Area

Smash-and-grabs are not only impacting Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom and other pricey stores — they’re also impacting everyday shopping like Safeway and local restaurants.

At Safway at Market and Church in San Francisco, customers said it’s a common sight.

“The old self-checkout, people would just walk out without paying,” said shopper Jeff Lyons.

Management has reduced store hours, closed a main entrance, locked up most products, and installed fencing inside.

There is only one way in and one way out and the new layout is getting mixed reaction.

“It feels safer before, it was getting a little crazy,” said Lyons.

In a statement, Safeway says in part, “Like other local businesses, we are working on ways to curtail escalating theft to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and to foster a welcoming environment for our customers.”

Security guards are visible, and to prevent shopping cart theft not all of them are allowed outside.

Some say it doesn’t go far enough.

“I’m hoping they can close the doors to keep people from escaping,” said shopper Murray Heitzer.

He added that he wants thieves stopped in their tracks. He says he’s worried the store will be closed if the trend continues.

“Closing the store is gonna affect me personally,” said Heitzer.

Other businesses in the city are also experiencing theft.

At RT Rotisserie in Hayes Valley, someone broke in and stole the register at 4 a.m. Monday.

A post on Instagram said it was not the first time.