Screening laptop computer at airport security check point.?

Why we have to take out laptop computer from a handbag for screening by the X-ray machine? Does it mean that the X-ray machine cannot view the laptop put inside a bag?

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  1. Mandi says:

    One of the reasons is that they want to be able to turn on the computer if they need to. Also, the computer blocks the other items in the computer bag, so you remove it so the screener can see the rest of the bags contents.

    I agree that it is annoying to have to do it every time, but at least they still let us bring them right? I won’t complain too much or they may take that away too.

  2. minoltabrian says:

    The X-ray can see thru it, but it could be tough to know if it is a laptop or a bomb hidden in a laptop.They are suppose to make you take them out and power them up so they know they are real laptops. Otherwise you could hide bomb material inside (ie wires and such) and they would be none the wiser. If you make someone take it out and power it up, any problems with it powering up might give them a reason to take a much closer look.

  3. Artman says:

    One reason to take it out is to force you to log in if the security guy “feel” a “security concern” about you (translation: your skin is too dark). There are many report of people being force to give “ALL” their passwords.

    Keep your laptop safe….Many US airport in their “Terror Paranoia” keep confiscating laptops and cell pones and many electronics from travelers that don’t look “blond-blue-eyed Americans”.

    Under the Bush’s “anti terrorism bill” (also called “license to ignore the U.S. Constitution”) all they have to do is say “I have a security concern about you…” the’ll take your laptop and cell away and you’ll never see them again (they say you’ll have it back but that never happens, and there is nothing you can do about it; if you complain then you are called anti-american).

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