Security Expert Kevin L. Jackson Launches Security Innovation Based On The BlockChain Fit For The Cyber Warfare Age

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04/08/2022, Concentric Media Inc. // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Security expert Kevin L.Jackson has lent his expertise to the launch of a new service based on innovative blockchain technology. In partnership with Total Network Services Inc., this innovation can help secure supply chains and ensure individual users can identify and remediate compromised devices in their network.

The Universal Communication Identifier (UCID) is the world’s first blockchain-enabled service for supply chain security, device management, software licensing, and equipment tracking.

One of UCID’s key features is the tokenization of all connected devices onto a blockchain, which will improve visibility on when and where a hack has occurred, across all connected devices. Users will also have a record of information transactions associated with that device.

This is crucial in an age where our devices are increasingly interconnected – especially through the Internet of Things (IoT) – and are susceptible to hacking.

‘Increasingly, the rise of connected devices, and IoT devices, means that we will be providing cyberwar hackers with more opportunities for to steal data and compromise the global information and telecommunications infrastructure ,’ says Jackson.

On an individual level, this could mean hacking into baby monitors, CCTV, or smart cars for ransom money.

Meanwhile, corporations are increasingly susceptible to software supply chain attacks on key aspects of their businesses. From compromising payment platforms to attacking devices further down in the chain by third-party devices, in today’s internet age, The SolarWinds hack in 2020, which disrupted more than 30,000 public and private organizations, is just an example of how vulnerable corporate supply chains are today.

UCID helps address these issues. Service capabilities include automated hardware and software bill-of-material documentation, counterfeit device detection, and software remediation monitoring give users more…