Security measures from Mobile, Desktop

Since Facebook now has billions of users, it has a sufficient amount of data that hackers may exploit for their own financial benefit or to blackmail other users. The hacker is also capable of posting humiliating or discriminatory comments, which can infuriate the celebrity’s legions of devoted followers. Even if you aren’t a famous person, there is a chance that your account might be hacked. It goes without saying that you should take precautions to prevent unwanted hackers from accessing your Facebook account. Let’s check out how FB accounts get hacked and ways to stop FB hackers.

3 Common Ways How Facebook Accounts Get Hacked


Phishing is responsible for hacking the majority of Facebook accounts. When this phase of the attack begins, the hacker will “fish” for your information by constructing a gateway that is visually comparable to the homepage of Facebook. After that, they will send you a message through email requesting that you log in. If you input your email address and password, the hacker will immediately begin recording this information for future use, and your account will immediately become hacked. 


Even someone who is very knowledgeable about technology may not be aware that they have a keylogging malware on their electronic device. The information that you input into your computer, tablet, or mobile phone may be recorded by a software known as a keylogger.

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This information, which may include passwords, banking details, and other private data, is then sent to the hacker through TP or email. The hacker is able to access the information. An assault that involves keylogging might very quickly lead to identity theft. 

Collected Passwords

Because of the function known as “stored password,” your smartphone will remember your passwords so that you do not have to. Although doing so would make your life simpler in the near term, doing so is not something that should be done for safety concerns.

However, eighty percent of Facebook users continue to do it. You need to think about this in the long run because if someone breaks into your…