SecurityGen ACE platform improves security posture for the mobile operators

SecurityGen launched a new ACE (Artificial Cybersecurity Expert) breach and attack simulation platform.

SecurityGen ACE

ACE provides an automated approach to assess and improve the security posture of mobile operators by continuously testing the strength of their network defences against simulated attacks and techniques.

ACE works by identifying and reporting potential gaps and vulnerabilities within the operator’s network. It then carries out simulations of real-world attacks on these vulnerabilities to assess their seriousness and the potential damage that an actual attack could cause.

Finally, ACE generates a detailed security posture report that includes remediation guidance to help the operator address the vulnerabilities and prevent future security breaches before they happen.

Commenting on the launch, SecurityGen co-founder and CEO Amit Nath said, “Operators today are asking for fast, efficient and cost-effective inspections and assessments of the security of their networks. But current manual assessment techniques are expensive, resource-intensive and need specialist expertise. Operators are unable to conduct them as regularly and frequently as they should do.

“As a result, mobile networks are left extremely vulnerable to security threats, which if not detected, can cause widespread damage and disruption – everything from network outages and denial of service attacks targeting groups of subscribers or particular areas: to the theft of sensitive personal data for fraudulent purposes. The new ACE platform addresses this pressing operational need for operators.”

The ACE platform is the centrepiece of SecurityGen’s range of products and services. It draws on the vast knowledge and experience of SecurityGen’s core team who have between them conducted a combined total of more than 300 telecom network security assessments during their careers.

Importantly, its in-built AI module enables it to constantly learn and enhance its performance by incorporating actual, real-life scenarios and attack vectors that have been identified in the field.

The ACE platform is cloud based, which means operators don’t need to install it directly, or even reconfigure their network. ACE…