SecurityGen earns the praise of mobile operators at the ROCCO Vendor Innovators Awards 2022

The ACE platform is a telecoms industry first: the first completely automated breach and attack simulation platform that is purpose-built for securing mobile networks. ACE provides an automated approach to assess and improve the security posture of mobile operators by continuously testing the strength of their network defences against hackers, fraudsters and other malefactors.

SecurityGen co-founder and Global Head of Operations Paolo Emiliani made a 30-minute presentation on the ACE platform to a judging panel of four “lions” consisting of senior executives from telecom operators – Luc Lamoureux at Reliance Jio, Cameron Dunn at AT&T, and Atim Akeh-Osu at MTN GlobalConnect – plus Stéphanie Fleury, technology entrepreneur and presenter on CNN Brasil.

“Mobile operators worldwide are launching 5G networks and services that promise dramatically faster speeds, lower latency, and connectivity for billions of devices. But the convergence of IT and telecoms brings with it significant new security concerns,” explained Emiliani.

“As operators transition to 5G, they will face new challenges emerging from new technologies like virtualisation and open infrastructure concepts, including open RAN. This new open ecosystem will require operators to critically evaluate their risk postures and adopt new approaches to security. Having a team of virtual experts to support their security teams and ensure proactive security coverage must be a priority.

“This is where SecurityGen has a leading role to play. Our focus is to drive the next phase of telecom security innovation by harnessing the power of research to identify new vulnerabilities and continuously develop proactive security approaches that solve them.”

The ACE platform draws on the vast knowledge and experience of SecurityGen’s core team who have conducted a combined total of more than 300 telecom network security assessments during their careers. Its in-built AI module enables it to constantly learn and enhance its performance by incorporating actual, real-life scenarios and attack vectors that have been identified in the field. And because ACE is available as a cloud-based offering, operators don’t need to install it directly, or…