Selfie biometrics providers score partnerships, customer wins and fundraising

Selfie biometrics providers score partnerships, customer wins and fundraising

Veratad and GBG have each formed partnerships to distribute their selfie biometrics technologies to new customers. Customer wins in the remote identity verification market have been announced by OneSpan, Onfido and Trulioo meanwhile, iProov technology has reached public beta testing for Australia’s online government services app, and A.ID and WebID have each completed successful fundraises.

Partnerships extend selfie biometrics reach

Veratad Technologies has formed a partnership with Kernel Edge Technologies Ltd, integrating its biometric digital identity verification solutions for KYC and AML-compliance onboarding with the Bank Kernel Fintech Development Kit (FDK) to help fintech clients go to market quickly and securely.

The identity verification solutions Veratad is integrating with Bank Kernel include selfie biometrics with liveness checks and two-factor authentication.

“Veratad is thrilled to work with Bank Kernel on this revolutionary bank-in-a-box concept,” says John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad Technologies. “Bank Kernel gives fintechs everything they need to create and market a full-scale product, from mobile and web apps to extensive banking capabilities and risk management tools. Digital identity verification is a must-have as the financial industry seeks to modernize onboarding and provide a smooth customer experience, and we are eager for our solutions to continue playing a part in that innovation.”

GBG has partnered with Seon to provide new customer onboarding and fraud prevention through data validation to fintechs and digital banks in the Asia Pacific region, Fintechnews Singapore reports.

The partnership makes GBG’s Intelligence Center available through Seon to customers in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. GBG says the integration can reduce the use of fake and malicious email addresses to 0 percent, and increase the detection of applications and transactions from suspicious IPs by 80 percent.

“To effectively address the rise in digital financial crime simply means that fraud detection and prevention measures need to be constantly modernised,” GBG APAC Managing Director Dev Dhiman says.