Should I have Internet security before getting internet service?

I just bought my first computer, but i have no internet access. (im on my parents computer). Can I & Should I get internet security before accessing the internet for the first time?

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  1. texan says:

    yes ecspecially if you are going to have your finanicial stuff on it like using it to help keep track of your finances

  2. roxybird2005 says:

    no it’s not necessary unless you have pic and videos already on your computer that you don’t want noone to see

  3. SAM L says:

    most internet security programs need to access the internet in order 2 down load the newest protection as soon as u get the service then setup ur internet security.

  4. steven25t says:

    yes, you should buy an internet security kits…either from life retailers


  5. the_peg_rox05 says:

    my reccomendations are these for bad site references
    antivir from for you’re virus scanner that even warns you before a virus is put on you’re computer.
    get a comodo firewall from for the best firewall ever made
    spybot search and destroy from for spyware scanner
    once you have these you have nothing to ever worry about!

  6. Daniel says:

    yeah get it first because once you get internet there may be chances u can catch viruses if you go on webpages

  7. yeah_but_we_all_are says:

    Sure, everyone who’s new to the internet needs some internet security. Besides, I can’t think of another way to slow down a computer other than having anti-viruses, anti-spyware and software firewalls running.

    Although I’m not as paranoid as some of the people here, and don’t keep anti-viruses running I do use my router as a firewall.

  8. unknown friend says:

    Definitely, you should never be on the net without a firewall and virus protection.

  9. Tomasthanes says:

    All of these responders are recommending software to run on Windows to clean up problems.

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing if you’re running Windows is to have an external Firewall/Router between you and your cable/DSL modem.

    On the average, it takes 2 minutes for a Windows PC to become infected with malware if it’s directly connected to a broadband connection (cable/DSL).

    I recommend something like a Linksys WRT54G. That is MORE IMPORTANT than any of the virus/malware software recommended above.

    Security software is only as good as the operating systems it’s running on. If you’re running Windows, that’s not saying much.

  10. Nick S says:

    for a first system, yes…

    firewalls can be a bit tricky to configure, so watch for ones that have user-friendly interfaces (in other words, avoid BlackICE and a lot of the very technical firewalls, because it’ll just be overwhelming)…anti-virus can be a good plan as well…as far as anti-spyware, i don’t know how much i like them, because they often are just as annoying as spyware…but more than that, i have had ad-aware detect critical files as threats, and had to start from scratch because of it…

    and NAT firewalls are also EXTREMELY crucial…these are found on most high-quality routers…also, for a first system, do _not_ run a wireless network, because the security on them is (to say the least) weak…but putting a router between yourself and your connection gives you the ability to more effectively repel intrusion and prevent sensitive data from going out…

    currently, i’m running a server box, with no additional security measures, and have had no problems. but i’ve been working with these sorts of things for years, so i’ve learned what security measures are required on a system facing intrusion attempts, and how to most effectively protect sensitive data…

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