Singapore’s 15 fastest-growing jobs for 2023, according to LinkedIn

Jobs that help companies digitize and grow amid economic volatility are on the rise in Singapore, according to LinkedIn.

Its latest Jobs on the Rise data revealed spikes in hiring for growth specialists, technical jobs and health-care professionals in Asia — among other jobs expected to expand hiring well into 2023. 

Researchers from LinkedIn examined jobs from January 2018 to July 2022 to calculate the growth rate for each job title in a specific country. 

The hiring rate in Asia-Pacific is still relatively high despite recession fears, says LinkedIn

LinkedIn added that for a job to be ranked, a job title needs to see consistent growth on the platform over the last five years, as well as have “grown to a meaningful size” by 2022.

Workers can use this list to define their next move in their careers and “prepare for the future world of work,” it added.

Job trends in Singapore 

LinkedIn’s report found that the proportion of paid job postings that offer a remote-work option has dropped from 7.8% in December 2021 to 4.1% in the same period last year. 

Guy Berger, its principal economist said in another report last year that the economic climate is causing some companies to “pull back on the flexibility” introduced during the pandemic.

What’s on the climb, however, are technical or engineering roles — such as cloud engineer, cybersecurity engineer, back-end developer and artificial intelligence engineer.

The growth of AI, increased focus on cybersecurity and continued shift towards digital is leading to growth in technical jobs.

Pooja Chhabria

Career expert, LinkedIn

Such jobs make up almost half of LinkedIn’s list in Singapore. 

“The growth of AI, increased focus on cybersecurity and continued shift towards digital is leading to growth in technical jobs,” said Pooja Chhabria, career expert and head of editorial for Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn.

It is also “not unexpected” for tech jobs to dominate Singapore’s list, she added, given that the country has built a strong presence as a startup destination. 

From a geographical perspective, Singapore is a good base for tech companies who are looking to enter South-East Asia and other APAC markets.” 

Demand for tech workers remains strong

However, waves of tech layoffs were reported in Southeast Asia last year amid challenging macroeconomic…