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New range made up of the edge 20 pro, edge 20 and edge 20 lite models.

According to Motorola, this new edge family goes beyond the company’s previous generation of smartphones in almost every category, bringing more powerful processors, a main camera with larger pixels and Motorola’s first periscope-style zoom, with up to 50x. . In addition, the screen refresh rate is higher, the battery charge is faster, and the number of experiences on the Ready For software platform has been expanded.


Across the Motorola edge 20 family, the company has focused on improving camera quality. The Motorola edge 20 pro offers a new 108MP main camera with 1 / 1.5 ″ optical format. It features Ultra Pixel technology: every nine pixels are combined into one large ultrapixel, improving light sensitivity by nine times and resulting in better low-light performance. It also offers an ultra-wide-angle lens with built-in Macro Vision, allowing you to capture four times more of the scene in the frame to capture more of the surroundings and fit more people in each shot. Macro Vision also allows you to get up to five times closer to your photographed subject for extreme close-ups, up to 3 cm away, to capture photos of food, crafts, nature and more.

Telescope camera

The third camera represents Motorola’s first periscope-type telephoto lens, a rarely seen feature in this class of smartphones, which bends light 90 degrees for clarity greater than 5x away. In addition, the Super Zoom 50x allows you to capture details from incredible distances. And as a video feature, the Motorola edge 20 pro can record in incredible 8K resolution.


The Motorola edge 20 pro incorporates a large 6.7 ″ Max Vision display with OLED technology for a crystal clear viewing experience. This display offers 10-bit color, reaching the DCI-P3 color space and meeting HDR10 + standards. This means that users can see more than a billion shades of colors, which are reproduced vividly, brightly and realistically on the screen. For the first time, a 144Hz refresh rate is offered, the highest refresh rate available on a conventional smartphone. When it comes to dynamic, high-motion content such as…