Socialist agenda has been rejected | Journal-news

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The 2020 presidential election is disgraceful for lack of voting security. Security can be better. Computer security was better before the internet. When I worked for the Navy about 40 years ago, our computers inspected for security under the TEMPIST rules. Our computers could not send any secure signals because they were in screen rooms and we shut the doors as needed.

Today, we have computers connected to the internet, that has software and potentially hardware firewall protections. But as WWII Germans and Japanese did not know fully, the Allies cracked their codes and we read their mail. Hackers are often successful too.

Apparently, some voting machines have been designed to be hacked so that bogus vote counts can be created. Obviously, since thousands of precincts use such machines, it is a problem that can be evidenced by the greater Trump voter enthusiasm, Republican gains down ticket, and the many reports of voting machine glitches.

West Virginia now has super majorities in both houses. That has not happened in the last century. Democrats lost seats in the US House and may not gain any in the US Senate. The socialist agenda has been rejected by the people.

We must have voting machine security. I believe that a coup was attempted as in Venezuela for socialist/communist Hugo Chavez, which has produced quite low quality of lives for its people.

I have had relatives leave communist countries for the West. They left all they had for a better life.

I hope that we do not feel compelled to find a better country, leaving all we own behind.