Some of ANNKE’s most popular security cameras are 30% off through Prime Day

Prime Day is almost here (it’s tomorrow, for anyone keeping score), and the deals are already flying left and right. Not to be outdone, ANNKE has released a list of 30%-off discounts for some of its 4K security cameras, color night vision security cameras, and more, available now through Wednesday, June 23. Read on for complete details.

The first four ANNKE security cameras featured in today’s article are capable of recording footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week; like most of the cameras in ANNKE’s lineup, there is no monthly subscription to use this 24/7 continuous recording feature. All footage is stored as compressed H.265 HEVC files to save on space, there are no monthly fees to store your footage, and aside from the NC400, all listed cameras support expanded SD card storage. Finally, these four cameras from ANNKE feature motion detection, they have an IP67 rating with temperature tolerances ranging from -22°F to 140°F, and they work with ONVIF, RTSP, MJPEG, FFmpeg, and FTP server technologies.

ANNKE NC400 and NC800 color night vision security cameras

ANNKE’s NC400 and NC800 are a pair of color night vision security cameras aimed at different price points and needs. The NC400 is equipped with a 4MP lens that shoots footage in 2K and it costs quite a bit less, while the NC800 uses an f/1.0 super aperture to capture full 4K video. The main draw for both of these cameras is color night vision that can make footage shot during dusk hours appear almost as clearly as if it was filmed during the day.


ANNKE C500 and C800 security cameras

If you don’t need the color night vision capabilities afforded by the security cameras up top, the C500 and C800 may be more your speed. The C500 utilizes a 5MP super HD lens to capture 2K video, while the C800’s 8MP lens enable it to shoot 4K ultra HD footage. Not only this, but this duo are among the most affordable security camera deals in their respective resolution categories on this list.


ANNKE W300 wireless security camera

That leaves us with the W300 wireless security camera. Equipped with a 3.6mm 2K sensor, this option is capable of shooting ultra HD footage during the day or even at night. Onboard night…