Sophos Emerges as Top Mobile Security Leader in The IDC Marketscape

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Sophos is now leading in the IDC Marketscape, according to an assessment by World Mobile Threat Management Software Vendor. The firm assesses business strategies and product offerings of mobile threat management systems vendors.

As a leading entity, Sophos’ Intercept X for mobile can protect android, Chrome OS, and iOS devices from known and unknown threats. The solution platform is lent support by SophosLabs, which can analyze at least 400,000 daily risks and remain on top of all potential threats like Fleece ware, one of the new mobile device threats that Sophos discovered. This malware charges users more on essential services that they can get elsewhere at a lower cost or free.

The Sophos Intercept X features unified endpoint management, offering easy management of the platform’s cloud that also includes the platform’s complete next-generation cyber system services as well as cutting edge innovative R & D efforts.

Based on the reports, the platform’s UEM and MTM products are hardly used by MTM affiliated vendor but is quite common among vendors who took part in the study. As a result, Sophos has a strong standing in scenarios where an enterprise wants a point of contact for security systems and device management.

Dan Schiappa, the company’s chief product officer, stated that mobile devices make easy targets for several attacks. The risk is even higher not that people have shifted to working remotely where workers use both personal and company tools to access sensitive information.

He added that the company has continued to be relentless in securing users irrespective of the device they use and their location. He went on to say that they are continuously innovating so that they can always be ahead of potential threats.