South Dakota Secretary of State says elections are secure; Ballot counting machines used are not connected to the internet

JUNE 4, 2024:

Since the 2020 general election, phone calls generated by artificial intelligence, problems getting ballots counted in some states and computer hacking by foreign governments are among the reasons some U.S. citizens give for questioning the security and integrity of elections in the United States.

In South Dakota, Secretary of State Monae Johnson says ballot tabulators aren’t connected to the internet. She says elections here are “some of the safest and most secure in the country.”

After the election results are canvassed in each county and by the state, Johnson says the Secretary of State’s Office will be doing something new this year– a post election audit.

Johnson explains the difference between the canvass of an election and an audit of an election.

Polls will be open until 7pm local time. DRG will have local election results tonight as the information becomes available.


JUNE 3, 2024:

Voters with questions about Tuesday’s (June 4, 2024) primary election in South Dakota can turn to a state agency website for answers.

Secretary of Monae Johnson says the VIP portal at, provides a variety of election information.

Johnson says you can fill out your sample ballot at home and bring it with you when you vote.

Johnson says voters should have photo identification with them.

But, if you can’t find your photo ID, she says you are still able to vote.

If you’ve become unable to physically go to the polls to vote, Johnson says you may have an “authorized…