Suspicious video clip in Android gallery

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Okay, so a few days ago, I noticed a video in my gallery that just appeared.  It’s 2 seconds in length and from what I can make out, it looks like a camera snapshots (about 20ish stills) bundled together.  I know my phone camera has a phone lapse setting but here’s the thing; every frame is extremely blurry give or take a few and the light exposure changes from one extreme to another, meaning in one millisecond, the frame is extremely white, and the next millisecond the frame is dark.  Some frames I can verify as buildings I was walking past one day, but it looks like other pics have been merged in between the frames and maybe even overlayed.  I’ve deduced down to two possibilities; first, my boyfriend had something to do with this as we were fighting that day, or two, my phone has been accessed by either someone I know that wants to mess with me, or by some bored hacker that wanted to amuse him or herself.  Whatever the case, this 2 second video is driving me crazy.  I’ve tried using slow motion apps and video editors to make out the frames but I don’t know what I’m doing.  Before I take the video to the police department, I was wondering if there was anyone that is experienced in repairing blurred and choppy videos who could possibly look at my video and help me decipher it.  I must disclose that in some frames it looks like a motel room, which isn’t alarming because that day me and my boyfriend were checking in to one that day.  What is alarming is the fact that I was not made aware of any photos or videos being taken, and the video looks to be taken from several different angles.  Whether the video confirms the presence of a person or persons is a big question for me that I want answered, and, if the person or persons in the video are of my boyfriend with me or with someone NOT me.  I am extremely emotional over this so please, be kind if you do respond and only offer help if sincere and not someone that wants to see some skin.  I appreciate any assistance, guidance, whatever you can offer.  Thank you.