T-Mobile’s 2021 data breach raises DCCA concerns

HONOLULU (KHON2) — There was a massive T-Mobile data breach on Aug. 17, 2021, which compromised over 53 million individuals’ personal information nationwide — including 223,299 Hawaii residents.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ (DCCA) Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) encouraged those affected by the data breach to “take steps to protect their personal information.”

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DCCA said millions had their names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers and driver’s license information compromised and a large amount of consumer information was recently up for sale online on the dark web.

According to OCP, a dark web is a “hidden portion of the internet where cybercriminals buy, sell and track personal information.”

Individuals received alerts through their identity theft protection services which let them know their information was compromised and it was confirmed that their information was connected to the 2021 T-Mobile data breach.

“Given recent developments, Hawaii consumers impacted by the T-Mobile security breach need to take action to protect themselves against identity theft,” said Stephen Levins, executive director of the OCP.

OCP said individuals impacted by the breach are at heightened risk for identity theft.

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Steps to protect your personal information, according to DCCA:

  1. Monitor your credit. Credit monitoring services track your credit report and alert you whenever a change is made, such as a new account or a large purchase. Most services will notify you within 24 hours of any change to yoru credit report.
  2. Consider placing a free credit freeze on your credit report. Identity thieves will not be able to open a new credit account in your name while the freeze is in place. You can place a credit freeze by contacting each of the three major credit bureaus:
  3. Place a fraud alert on your credit report. A fraud alert tells lenders and creditor to take extra steps to verify your identitiy before issuing credit. You can place a fraud alert by contacting any one of the three major credit…