Zerto 9 brings immutability and automation for ransomware resilience

Zerto announced the general availability of Zerto 9, significantly advancing its capabilities in the fight against ransomware. Offering new immutability and automation features, Zerto 9 also provides enhanced cloud data management and protection capabilities for end users and managed service providers, new backup capabilities including support for additional cloud platforms, and cloud tiering to deliver secure and cost-effective archive storage and simplified management.

Ransomware attacks continue to grow in severity and volume, bringing increasing costs and growing financial, legal, and even political ramifications. Organizations must invest in technology that allows them to recover and resume operations quickly following a ransomware attack, not just protect against it. Based on a foundation of 12 years of expertise with continuous data protection (CDP), Zerto enables organizations to move on from a ransomware attack with minimal data loss and downtime by allowing users to rewind and recover data with granularity from any point in time—and do so within seconds of a disruptive event.

Zerto 9 enables immutability settings for long-term data retention to be easily managed from within the Zerto user interface. As a result, users can set how long backups can remain unaltered, safeguarding them to the cloud to prevent malicious deletion or modification of data, including ransomware. In this release, immutability support is available for Amazon S3.

“Zerto 9 enables organizations to defend their business from the consequences of ransomware, and with fully orchestrated failover and failback, organizations can recover infected applications and data from just seconds back,” said Deepak Verma, vice president, product management for Zerto. “With just a few clicks, our journal-based recovery is flexible enough to recover only what is needed, whether that’s files, virtual machines, or an entire application stack from a point-in-time. As ransomware attacks continue to escalate, these are game-changing capabilities that we have had built into our platform for many years now, and they just keep getting better with every release.”

“It’s vital to keep our infrastructure…


Galaxy A72 May 2021 update brings video call effects feature

Protect yourself from online attacks that threaten your identity, your files, your system, and your financial well-being.

The May 2021 security update is rolling out to more and more Galaxy devices as the month progresses, as Samsung continues to show the competition how to lead in the software support game, and the Galaxy A72 is now joining the club. A new update is rolling out to the Galaxy A72 with the latest security patch in tow, along with a One UI 3.1 feature that has, so far, been exclusive to Samsung’s 2021 flagship devices.

Taking Zoom calls from home? You can now remove your unkept room from the background

This feature is called video call effects and lets you add custom backgrounds to video calls made using third-party apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Duo. You can use a basic blur effect (like the blur effect you get in the camera’s portrait mode), add an opaque color to the background (the color is selected automatically by the phone), or set a custom image from your gallery. It works great, and now that it’s arriving on the Galaxy A72, we can expect more mid-range and non-flagship Galaxy phones to get the feature as well.

The May update for the Galaxy A72 also includes improvements to camera performance, call quality, and file sharing via Quick Share (similar to the May update for many other Galaxy devices). It’s available in Russia at the moment but is likely to reach more countries within the next week or two, though some markets may have to wait longer as the Galaxy A72 falls in the quarterly update schedule and that means availability of new updates isn’t as consistent as it is for devices in Samsung’s monthly schedule.

You can check if the update — firmware version A725FXXU2AUE1 — is available for your Galaxy A72 by opening the phone’s Settings app, navigating to Software update, and selecting Download and install. You will also find the latest firmware in our archive and can download it to manually upgrade your phone using a Windows PC. Just be sure to do a data backup if you take that route and follow the instructions carefully.

Galaxy A72 May update

  • Model: SM-A725F
  • Dimensions: Bar: 165 x 77.4 x 8.4 mm
  • Display: 6.7 inch / 170.18 mm Super AMOLED Display
  • CPU: Snapdragon 720G
  • Camera: 64MP


Innovation Institute of WA brings free cyber security course for 12-18 year olds in Mandurah | Mandurah Mail

Director of the Innovation Institute of WA Paul Litwin says parents often have no idea what their children are doing online.

“Since the internet isn’t a physical location, it seems safe,” Mr Litwick told the Mail. “But there are websites accessible that parents don’t even know about. It’s important that children and parents are aware of the ecosystem that is cyber security.”

CYBER SECURITY: Director Paul Litwin says it is imperative for students to have access to information about cyber security. Photo: Supplied.

CYBER SECURITY: Director Paul Litwin says it is imperative for students to have access to information about cyber security. Photo: Supplied.

The Innovation Institute will be running a free nine-week ‘Cyber Saturdays’ program in Mandurah for 12-18-year-olds that will focus on cyber security both as a field of study/work and an informative lesson on staying safe online.

“Our week one session includes the students’ parents,” Mr Litwin said. “Parents are key stakeholders in their children’s future and we want to make sure everyone is on the same page and learning together.”

COLLABORATE: Session one of Cyber Saturdays will be for students and parents - to ensure everyone is on the same page and they are able to learn together. Photo: Supplied.

COLLABORATE: Session one of Cyber Saturdays will be for students and parents – to ensure everyone is on the same page and they are able to learn together. Photo: Supplied.

Mr Litwin explained that cyber security was not only an imperative area of learning for young people, but a booming industry with an array of career possibilities.

“We will talk about what a career in cyber security could look like – and about the possibility of pursuing further studies in the field.

“Often companies actually go in to Uuniversities and approach students while they’re studying with job offers – the demand is so great.”

Over the weeks, Cyber Saturdays will see various industry professionals come in to provide students with inside knowledge of working in the field of cyber security – and what to look out for.

“The main project of the course will require students to make a video promoting cyber security to their peers. They can use any angle they like – it is so important that education doesn’t just happen adult to students, but also peer-to-peer.”

Cyber Saturdays will begin May 1 and conclude June 26.

“The City of Mandurah is prioritising introducing future industries in Mandurah – it is important that young people in Mandurah have access to information and have the…


Russian hack brings changes, uncertainty to U.S. court system

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Trial lawyer Robert Fisher is handling one of America’s most prominent counterintelligence cases, defending an MIT scientist charged with secretly helping China. But how he’ll handle the logistics of the case could feel old school: Under new court rules, he’ll have to print out any highly sensitive documents and hand-deliver them to the courthouse.

Until recently, even the most secretive material — about wiretaps, witnesses and national security concerns — could be filed electronically. But that changed after the massive Russian hacking campaign that breached the U.S. court system’s electronic case files and those of scores of other federal agencies and private companies.

The new rules for filing sensitive documents are one of the clearest ways the hack has affected the court system. But the full impact remains unknown. Hackers probably gained access to the vast trove of confidential information hidden in sealed documents, including trade secrets, espionage targets, whistleblower reports and arrest warrants. It could take years to learn what information was obtained and what hackers are doing with it.

It’s also not clear that the intrusion has been stopped, prompting the rules on paper filings. Those documents are now uploaded to a stand-alone computer at the courthouse — one not connected to the network or Internet. That means lawyers cannot access the documents from outside the courthouse.

Fisher is defending Gang Chen, a nanotechnology researcher fighting charges that he defrauded the U.S.

“It would be cumbersome if we do have to start filing pleadings during the litigation on paper. That’s going to be more difficult,” Fisher said. “Particularly during COVID. Most of us are working from home.”

The Russian intrusion through the SolarWinds software has President Biden in an early tussle with his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, and U.S. senators are worried about the “grave risk” to U.S. intelligence.

The Administrative Office of U.S. Courts confirmed the court system breach on Jan. 6, joining a victims’ list that includes the State Department, the National Institutes of Health, tech companies and an unknown number of Fortune 500…