What’s New in Chrome 10? (Alex Chitu/Google Operating System)

Alex Chitu / Google Operating System:
What’s New in Chrome 10?  —  Google Chrome 10 is ready for primetime and it comes with a surprising number of new features.  Here are some of them:  —  1. The Options dialog is now a web page that opens in a new tab.  Chrome has one less modal dialog and the new Options page is better suited for netbooks.

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Chrome Browser Sandboxes Flash To Protect Against Malware (Erick Schonfeld/TechCrunch)

Erick Schonfeld / TechCrunch:
Chrome Browser Sandboxes Flash To Protect Against Malware  —  One of the big issues with Flash is that it introduces all sorts of security vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t have the latest security patches and updates.  Google has chosen to embrace Flash both in its Chrome browser and Android OS …

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Q&A: Google’s Sengupta On The Chrome OS Cr-48 Laptop (Danny Sullivan/Search Engine Land)

Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Land:
Q&A: Google’s Sengupta On The Chrome OS Cr-48 Laptop  —  Yesterday, after writing my review of the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook, I had a chance to catch up with Google product management director Caesar Sengupta about the machine.  Below, answers to question like dealing with external monitors …

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What are the internet security suites that are suitable for Google Chrome?

My default browser is google chrome. Its very easy to use and user friendly. But the problem is, its not supported by my internet security suite. Can someone suggest the best one to support this web browser?