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The cloud is the computer, web application security fundamentals

Elvis and the application have left the building. The first part of that slightly bizarre alert simply tells you that it’s time to go home and leave the theatre; now is not the moment to hang around for encores or curtain calls.

The second part of that warning is meant to remind us that many of our enterprise software assets now exist as some part of the wider web that forms the internet itself. But this core truism has implications.

The rise of web applications and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that bond many of their synaptic connections enables us to attain previously unimaginable levels of flexibility and operational agility. But flexibility usually has a cost or some form of trade-off; there are vulnerabilities out there that we need to think about.

The API superhighway is in fact super-busy; API calls represent 83 percent of web traffic, according to an October 2018 Akamai traffic review… and the figure may be closer to 85 or 90 percent now. Content delivery network specialist Akamai says that the majority of API traffic is for custom-built applications, which are the result of digital services and cloud-based application deployment.


100% of Firewall Fundamentals You Need – ISBuzz News

100% of Firewall Fundamentals You Need
ISBuzz News
That's not to imply, though, that they aren't terribly important or that meltdowns caused by failing to ensure proper firewall protections can't be as damaging as a direct blast of a flame thrower. Firewalls adopt their name and function directly from

flame malware – read more

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

College textbook used by US Naval Academy courses

Internet Security Fundamentals

Internet Security Fundamentals

Practical Steps To Increase Your Online Security

Antivirus software is now incredibly advanced, but the problem of viruses is worse than ever! This is because many viruses trick the user into installing them. The same way that the most sophisticated alarm system and door security is not much use if you open the door from the inside to let someone in. This book explains in easy to understand terms, why you cannot just rely on antivirus, but also need to be aware of the various scams and tri