Hackers Threaten to Release Personal Info if Allen ISD Doesn’t Pay Millions

Online blackmailers targeting Allen ISD would rake in up to $10 million if they had their way.

Last month, hackers tried to extort the North Texas school district for millions of dollars — a demand that school officials rejected. Then on Monday, after Allen ISD refused to cough up the money, the thieves emailed parents, employees and students saying they’d publish their stolen personal information online, according to NBC-DFW.

“Staff and parents of Allen ISD, Howdy!” the email read, according to that outlet. “We give you five days to collect money.”

Allen ISD spokesman David Hicks didn’t return the Observer’s request for comment by publication time, but he told NBC-DFW that the district doesn’t plan to pay. As of now, there’s no proof to back up the group’s claims.

Hackers have been making international headlines in recent months with a slew of high-profile attacks.

Some working under the Anonymous banner leaked data from controversial web hosting company Epik, according to The Daily Dot. The leak reportedly includes data linked to the state’s GOP, including “private documents.” Last month, after the state’s abortion ban took effect, Anonymous also appeared to have hacked into the Republican Party of Texas’ website.

Schools in particular seem to be among hackers’ favorite targets, and Allen ISD isn’t the only Texas district that was purportedly breached over the past year.

Located roughly 70 miles from Dallas, Athens’ school district had to delay the start of the 2020 school year because of a ransomware attack.

Earlier this fall, Dallas ISD contacted federal law enforcement after learning of a data security incident that exposed the personal information of parents, alumni, employees and students. On its website, the district noted that despite its best efforts, it’s now one of an increasing number of private and public organizations falling victim to such hacks.

Dallas ISD went on to say that as of now, the affected data appears to…


Newswire & Press Release / Pradeo Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for Offering Leading Mobile Security to Organizations with its Pioneering AI… – Engineering / Artificial Intelligence – Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the mobile security market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Pradeo with the 2021 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award for supporting enterprise mobility with its unified, feature-rich AI services. By protecting managed and unmanaged mobile devices, its solution stack is especially valuable to organizations with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) operation models.

“A global market leader and an end-to-end service provider, Pradeo has the scale, capabilities, and technology to address a gamut of mobile security needs for organizations of all sizes,” said Vikrant Gandhi, Research Vice President for Frost & Sullivan. “Its patented AI engine is at the core of its mobile security solution and enables it to configure products quickly. Highly adaptable and applicable across business cases, Pradeo’s technology aids rapid implementation and offers long-term value across a client’s mobile security strategy.”

One of Pradeo’s leading turnkey solutions, the Secure Private Store, eliminates the possibility of third-party applications compromising individual or organizational security through the network and extending to the operating system and apps on the device. An alternative to mobile device management (MDM, EMM, UEM…) systems that are often restrictive and diminish BYOD accessibility, the Secure Private Store assists organizations and carriers with unique functions to protect their environment.

Pradeo’s solution set equips security teams with in-depth visibility into what applications do with data and controls. This solution offers flexibility to customize permissions, execute zero-touch deployments, and interoperate with major stakeholders in the mobile device management ecosystem. Pradeo recommends predefined configurations to fit small and medium businesses’ needs, so its solutions are ready-to-implement, include automation remediation, and require only light-touch administration.

“Pradeo prides itself on delivering exceptional data privacy. In addition to the app protection tools, it ensures that all of the information collected as a part of its mobile security logs is anonymized,” noted…


Hackers Release Data Trove From Belarus in Bid to Overthrow Lukashenko Regime

Opponents of the Belarus government said they have pulled off an audacious hack that has compromised dozens of police and interior ministry databases as part of a broad effort to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

The Belarusian Cyber Partisans, as the hackers call themselves, have in recent weeks released portions of a huge data trove they say includes some of the country’s most secret police and government databases. The information contains lists of alleged police informants, personal information about top government officials and spies, video footage gathered from police drones and detention centers and secret recordings of phone calls from a government wiretapping system, according to interviews with the hackers and documents reviewed by Bloomberg News.

Among the pilfered documents are personal details about Lukashenko’s inner circle and intelligence officers. In addition, there are mortality statistics indicating that thousands more people in Belarus died from Covid-19 than the government has publicly acknowledged, the documents suggest.

In an interview and on social media, the hackers said they also sabotaged more than 240 surveillance cameras in Belarus and are preparing to shut down government computers with malicious software named X-App.

Belarus’s interior ministry didn’t respond to requests for comment. On July 30, the head of the country’s KGB security agency, Ivan Tertel, said in a speech aired on state television that there had been “hacker attacks on personal data” and a “systematic collection of information,” which he blamed on the work of “foreign special services,” according to local news website

While the immediate impact of the hack isn’t entirely clear, experts said the long-term consequences could be significant, from undermining government proclamations to bolstering international efforts to sanction or prosecute Lukashenko and his subordinates. “If ever Lukashenko ends up facing prosecution in the International Criminal Court, for example, these records are going to be incredibly important,” said Tanya Lokot, an associate professor at Dublin City University who specializes in…


‘Ransomware attack’ on surveillance firm, hackers demand Rs 2.19 crore for release of confidential data

A Mumbai-based electronic surveillance start-up recently fell victim to an alleged ransomware attack.

Police said the company’s confidential surveillance data, which was in their computer system, had been hacked and encrypted, and that the hackers were demanding Rs 2.19 crore for its release. The hackers had also threatened to sell the data on the black market if the company did not pay up, police added.

The company has lodged a complaint at Rabale MIDC police station, on the basis of which an FIR has been filed and probe is on.

According to the FIR, the company has a office in Navi Mumbai and, at present, due to Covid-19 lockdown, staff is working from home.

On May 17, around noon, the complainant, a staffer with the company, received a call from the firm’s IT engineer stating that something was wrong with the server system and data had been encrypted and was inaccessible, the FIR states.

“We have registered an FIR under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and IT Act for extortion and hacking. It looks like the company’s server was hacked from outside the country and our probe is on to get the internet protocol address,” a police officer said.