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How to keep your family safe online with ESET’s mobile security

Gone are the days of flip phones with keypads, their main drawcard the ability to play snake. Nowadays, you’d struggle to find a phone that isn’t connected to the internet, and while this brings a whole world of excitement and knowledge, it also creates risks, and especially so for children. 

A 2020 study found that most children own a mobile phone by the age of seven, and mobile devices are the most common way children access the internet. In addition, 39% of the children surveyed said they could not live without their phones. 


Android Security – How To Stay Safe With Your Mobile

Of all the nefarious ways in which we can fall victim to online crime, hacks are perhaps the most insidious. Most of us can see through an email scam telling us our long-lost relative in Africa has died leaving us millions in their will, but a clever hack can reach inside our phone and steal our data without us even knowing. And we all know this because companies selling anti-hacking software are always ready to highlight the most alarming statistics about the frequency of phone hacks with 10,000s of new malware programs created daily.

Whilst bad experiences with hacks can happen, the good news is that your trusty Android device already comes with a stack of very robust security features devised by Google’s own team to prevent you becoming the latest victim stat! Some of these features are already configured to best protect you. Those that aren’t require just a little tweak here and there – time well spent to put you in good shape to fend off the hackers.

Here is a rundown of some anti-hack actions you can take today to protect yourself.

1. Choosing Apps – Security, Integrity and Permissions

We all use apps and there is no getting around that. Most services we use online now have an app and there are millions available through the Google Play store. The vast majority that appear in there have no security issues associated with them, but occasionally one or two bad apples will sneak in.

To start with, most of us don’t spend much time reading about an app or looking at its providence before we download it. It’s worth revising this approach to ensure you don’t download a wrong un’! Just a few minutes looking at how many downloads an app has had, checking out the user reviews and which other apps the developer is responsible for gives you the chance to make your own mind up about whether you can trust it or not.

In particular, high risk products where you plan to spend money, like crypto exchanges, gaming or casino apps require more research. They should be properly licensed and have a reputable online brand behind them. In this case we recommend checking out the company website before downloading the app to check that it is trusted. In those industries where there is more…


Is the internet safe? | Harvard Kennedy School

And the attacks can come from all directions. “When you think about a critical infrastructure that connects people, then you have to worry about power,” he noted, recalling the hours-long blackout that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms suffered this month. “So, I’m Instagram,” he continued, “a massive, massive commerce tool. That’s where a lot of small businesses market their goods and how they conduct daily business operations. That was a significant outage for a lot of infrastructure, and we don’t always see those connective tissues. We just think about goofy dog tapes and beach pictures, but there’s a lot of commerce that rides behind that.”

Krebs also highlighted something he has viewed for some time: a foreign adversary getting on a platform and amplifying or manipulating information, disrupting the intelligence community. “I honestly don’t think we know enough about how the platforms operate right now to make meaningful regulation, meaningful legislation, to then inform regulation,” he said.  Donovan agreed. “We have to have more required disclosures from the platforms, much more research on the harms caused by these platforms, like financial fraud or personal injury. And then of course there are collective social injuries, like the January 6th insurgency,” she said.

Trying to explain how misinformation leads to divisiveness, the CISA team launched the “war on pineapple campaign,” an internet test to increase awareness on how disinformation campaigns influence operations work. Why pineapple? “It was in the wake of 2016, looking at the techniques that the Russians used to amplify a kind of social discord. We needed an issue to test where people were clearly on one side it of or the other. It couldn’t be political—that turns off 50% of people. As we discussed what that issue could be over a pizza lunch, there it was: whether you liked pineapple on your pizza or not. It actually was a coordinated behavior campaign to drive home the idea that Americans will argue over simple things, like a pizza topping.”

Despite all the work Krebs and his team at CISA did to authenticate the 2020 elections and disprove the…


Seven Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

There was a time when mobile phones were under the radar of cyberattacks. Those times are long gone. Smartphones and tablets can now perform almost every task that a PC does. Both mobiles and the cyber threats against them have undeniably progressed.  Read the main mobile security tips below to keep you out of trouble.

Never Lower Your Guard

The Mobile Security Report 2021, recently released by Check Point, shows that about 40% of mobile phones are vulnerable to cyberattacks. That’s why choosing a trustworthy online casino should be the primary goal of online gamblers. There are many top-quality smartphone casinos out there, but you need to pick them carefully. Finnish players can find the best online mobile gambling options at casinobonukset.

Online gamblers must double their attention against online scams. The number of cyberattacks has seen an increase of more than 30% since last year. So, one can never be too careful, especially when playing on an online casino mobile.  Follow our guest specialist, Auli Wälkky, and read the latest news on the issue.

Find out how to keep your phone secure.

Basic Survival Guide

Cyberspace is more dangerous than ever, and new threats come up every day. Still, you can counter most of them with the straightforward tips contained in this section.

Get an Antivirus

Installing an antivirus on our phones wouldn’t make much sense a few years ago. Now, it’s essential. Mobile attacks focus on stealing banking and credit card details, emails, and personal media, such as videos and photos. An antivirus can protect your device from threats coming through wifi networks, browsers, and more.

Use a VPN

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, and it provides security for mobile devices, especially when on public wifi. Hackers in the same network can try to intercept your connection with the server and gain access to your accounts. A VPN encrypts the information your mobile exchanges with the server, shielding it from unauthorized third parties.

Create a Seriously Strong Password

Quit the 123456-like passwords for good, along with the terrible one-password-fits-all habit. Countless cybercriminals are out there to get you, and doing so is…