The premier SOS app to live stream video, alert loved ones

Whether a child or elderly parent is lost or in danger, chaos erupts at a crowded event, or there’s a medical emergency, the Kazoo mobile application has the Kazoo user covered with essential data including live location, live video streaming, and 30-day pinpoint location history.

When in danger, just tap the SOS function on Kazoo and all emergency contacts and 911 are notified with exact location information and live video streaming. Also, Kazoo is more than an emergency app; it helps the user safely and securely communicate with groups through photo sharing, texting, and meeting functions. 

The innovative and secure Kazoo app, which already works with Apple iOS, has excellent potential for integration into mobile phone plans and rideshare companies – as an essential added safety feature. Kazoo guarantees that personal data is never sold or shared with unauthorized parties.

All on one mobile application, the Kazoo user has access to an instant emergency response and private, secure communication with chosen groups or individuals and emergency contacts. Chat and send photos and videos to contacts; and when help is needed, Kazoo let’s you instantly send pinpoint GPS information and live video streaming to 911 services and emergency contacts. 

Who benefits by using the Kazoo application? Anyone in need of total emergency assistance in a dangerous situation – young children at school, ridesharers, and anyone who is lost and in a vulnerable situation are just some of the people who need Kazoo. Additionally, Kazoo includes 30-day location history – especially valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Through a team of experienced engineers and designers, the essential Kazoo mobile application offers safety, security, effective communication, and a pointpoint GPS emergency response.

When there’s an emergency situation, the Kazoo 911 feature sends highly detailed location information, along with the option for live video communication. If anyone is lost or worried about Covid-19 contact risks, the Kazoo Find feature locates the individual with pinpoint GPS accuracy and includes a 30-day location history. Also, feel secure about communicating in sensitive…


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Scots athlete Eilish McColgan and partner in private video hack hell as they call in cops

SCOTS athlete Eilish McColgan and her partner have called in cops after hackers stole one of their private videos.

The track star, 30, and boyfriend Michael Rimmer, 34, were left distraught after an iCloud account was raided and personal footage posted online.

The track star and boyfriend Michael Rimmer


The track star and boyfriend Michael Rimmer

Middle-distance runner Eilish, from Dundee, is also thought to have informed Scottish Athletics bosses of the theft.

Crooks broke into the web library, which backs up Apple devices’ data, to view the pair’s films.

Eilish McColgan slams body shamers saying it’s why women get ‘big plastic ars*s’

A source said: “The couple are absolutely devastated by this. They feel completely violated that not only has someone accessed them but that one was made public.

“Eilish called in the police when she found out.”

And cyber security expert Professor Anthony Glees warned that using internet storage services made people more likely to become victims of hacking.

Middle-distance runner Eilish


Middle-distance runner EilishCredit: PA:Press Association

He said: “It is barmy to post pictures or video of yourself anywhere.

“Anything written online or any uploaded images can be hacked. People are extremely skilled at doing it now.

“If your password is memorable to you it’s probably memorable to anyone else. All our information is out there.”

We told how Olympic 5000m hopeful Eilish and English 800m ace Michael were caught up in a horror taxi pile-up in Delhi, India last year.

They were left “shivering with shock” after a speeding motor smashed into their cab and overturned.

Eilish, whose mum Liz, 56, won the 10,000m world title in 1991, recalled how they were surrounded by a furious mob after the crash before being rescued by a local who drove…