Talking About Protocols Not Platforms In SF

Last year, via the Knight Institute at Columbia, I published my long article on Protocols, Not Platforms, explaining that there was a potential technological solution to many of the big concerns raised about big tech today, from privacy to competition to content moderation and more. The paper has been well received and even has helped influence Jack Dorsey and Twitter on rethinking what Twitter should be in the future.

Our friends at the Lincoln Network have now set up a panel discussion in San Francisco on February 20th in which we’ll be discussing this idea. Registration is free. The panel will consist of myself, Cory Doctorow of EFF/Boing Boing, Ashley Tyson of the Web3 Foundation, and Mai Sutton who has been working on a variety of distributed internet projects, including associate producing DWeb Camp and also been heavily involved in the People’s Open Net, a community-owned mesh wireless network in Oakland.

Given the panelists and the topic, I’m sure it will be fun, intriguing, and lively discussion. Sign up now.

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