Techie turns security guard to steal CPU, RAM and hard disks

A software engineer became a security guard in order to steal computer equipment and other valuables from CMR University and other places, police say.

Odisha native Raj Patra, 27, was arrested on August 21 by Bagalur police for stealing electronic equipment worth Rs 35 lakh between May 4 and May 11 this year during the lockdown. Among the things he stole were computer processors (CPUs), RAM and hard disks.

Police said Patra arrived in Bengaluru in 2018 and worked for various software companies. But he soon found that stealing was more lucrative and started working as a security guard. He would change jobs after every theft.

Patra joined the private-run CMR University in April and scoured each and every corner of its campus, including the security measures, within days.

In May, he used duplicate keys or sneaked through windows to enter the rooms where computers were stored. He dismantled important accessories and took them home. After the theft came to light, CMR University suspected Patra but he had vacated his rented home by then. The security agency that hired him didn’t have enough information about him either. But the police eventually tracked him down.

Police say they have recovered the computer equipment that Patra had sold off to service centres and online. He is also suspected to have been involved in at least one theft in Odisha.