“Technology Brings Great Things, But Also Reflects Risks And Aspects”

Sebastian Bortnik, a specialist in technology and computer security, a reference in issues related to the fair use of technology, will be in San Francisco for the first time to speak as part of the “Adolescent Now” conference.Organized by the Municipal Corporation Health Secretariat on 26 and 27 August. There will be time to address various issues and create space for teens and their support groups such as parents and teachers.

Bortnick, on Friday, will be in charge of two talks, one aimed at young people’s “grooming: virtual harassment?” And the remaining one, “Adolescence, Social Networks and Wellness”, for parents.

Before Coming to San Francisco, the Expert Speaks Morning of El Periodico (FM 97.1)where he said: “When this invitation came, I found it a very interesting prospect to talk about a topic that teens are connected to, with social networks, with applications, about the Internet. cell phones, a problem that is super current, until so many years ago it was something that didn’t exist”.

According to Bortnik, “today we find that” Our children are facing a very different adolescence from us because of hyperconnectivity, so not having the experience makes us feel like we have nothing to contribute. And that puts us in very dangerous places,” he warned.

risk to teenagers

“The Internet and technologies have brought great things to our lives, but also new risks and aspects that force us to reflect,” said the expert. We have to be cautious because internet connection is no trivial matter, very serious things can happen with the issue of cyberbullying, which for example is about violence on the network; Very serious situations, cases ending in suicide, cases of grooming that ended in non-consensual dissemination of images and many other situations”.

In return, the speaker acknowledged that adolescent anxiety and depression are “two problems that have increased greatly in recent years” and undoubtedly have to do with the use of technology, Then he recalled: “I started in 2009 with these talks to teach kids how to take care of their passwords, but over time I realized that it wasn’t the most important thing, but much more serious. Things…