Techstrong TV: Understanding & Managing Digital Identities

David and Charlene discuss how to effectively manage digital identities and assets in the rapidly evolving digital world. The video and a transcript of the conversation are below.

This is Digital Anarchist.

AppSec/API Security 2022


Charlene O’Hanlon: Hey everybody. Welcome back to Tech Strong TV. I’m Charlene O’Hanlon and I am here now with David Mahdi who is the chief strategy officer and CISO advisor over at Setigo. David, thanks so much for being with me here today. I am just so very excited to have a conversation with you about digital identities, because I know that it’s a very, very hot topic among a lot of organizations as they kind of seek to maybe lock down their systems a little bit more, at least understand what they’ve got so that they can lock it down. So thanks very much for being on tech rung TV and having the conversation with me. I’m very excited. Great to


David Mahdi: Well Charlene, thank you very much for having me. And I – it’s digital identity is certainly an area that I’m passionate about. And I think all of us have our own personal stories, whether it’s getting locked out of account at work or getting locked out of a personal account.  It all comes back to that.


Interviewer: Yeah. I can count on one hand how many times that happens to me in a week. So it’s but you know, it can be difficult to manage all those passwords. But let’s kind of start at the beginning. So we’re talking about digital identities and you know, these days there is not a person on this earth I think who doesn’t have some sort of digital identity. But what exactly are we talking about when we do say digital identity?


Mahdi: Yeah. Great question. So digital identity really well, first of all, we have to think of not just humans, right? You are you you’re Charlene, I’m David, and in the traditional physical world, you might have a passport, a driver’s license and all these types of IDs. And that’s how you, you know, when someone says, are you really Charlene in person and you show one of those ID cards, right? But obviously over the last few decades we’ve been doing more and more online, and we’ve kind of danced around ways to do digital identity online for the…