The 19 Best Gadgets From CES 2022 You Can Buy Right Now

If you’ve been keeping up with CES 2022, you’ve likely added a slew of gadgets to your wishlist already. There’s a lot that won’t be ready until the second half of this year—some might never see the light of day—but don’t fret! We’ve rounded up our favorite CES devices that are already available for purchase or preorder. We’re talkin’ earbuds, smartwatches, projectors, and a snowbike. Here’s what you can add to your cart right now.

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Home, Sex Tech, and Wi-Fi Routers

Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too

Photograph: Smarty Pear

Veterinarians say automatic litter boxes, while convenient, make it tough for owners to keep tabs on their cat’s bathroom trips—which can be useful for flagging any potential illnesses. The Leo’s Loo Too solves this with a built-in sensor that tracks how often your cat goes, along with its weight, and syncs the data to a companion app on your phone. It comes with additional features like UV sterilization and radar to keep the box from self-cleaning while your cat is nearby.

This device gives new meaning to “bird-watching.” Not only does this cute little home feed birds, but its battery-powered camera offers a live feed via the connected app. If that’s not entertaining enough, it’ll snap photos of said birds, identify the species, and present a ton of facts about each one. It won’t ship for a while, but you can get your order in now. 

Need an extra layer of security at home? Ring’s new Glass Break Sensor can detect break-in attempts through glass windows and doors from up to 25 feet away. You’ll need a Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro to use it, and you can configure the sensor to trigger a siren when it detects broken glass. It’s currently available for preorder in a single pack for $40 or a two-pack for $70. (Note: WIRED has reported extensively about Ring Doorbells in relation to security, surveillance, and police partnerships.)