The Best Antivirus With VPN Protection (and Vice Versa) in 2022

A VPN safeguards your identity and data online, while an antivirus shields your device from software threats. Using the two together offers comprehensive digital security in a one-stop package. However, it can be difficult to choose the best antivirus with VPN features, or the best VPN with antivirus features. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Some security providers have begun to merge VPN and antivirus tools into the same software, offering more comprehensive protection
  • For the best antivirus with VPN features, Avira and McAfee offer great antivirus software with equally capable VPN tools, while Norton’s balance is skewed toward the antivirus program
  • For the best VPN with antivirus features, NordVPN and Surfshark offer excellent VPN protection but are more limited in antivirus tools, while Clario tries to balance its focus between antivirus and VPN but falls a bit short in both areas

We took a deep dive into the market and tested a bunch of antiviruses with VPN features, and vice versa. In this guide, we’ll dissect the six antivirus-VPN packages to help you make the best decision for your online security needs. 

  • The best antivirus software with a VPN connection is Avira. It comes with its own VPN software, so you don’t have to buy a separate VPN service. However, if you’ve already installed a VPN, the Avira antivirus program will work just fine with it.

  • The VPN doesn’t affect your antivirus. However, you should avoid using the VPN included in antivirus programs with a stand-alone VPN service, say ExpressVPN, as that could cause some errors.

  • Yes, McAfee antivirus software comes packed with VPN capabilities. You can also get McAfee Safe Connect VPN as a stand-alone VPN.

What Makes the Best Antivirus With VPN Security Features?

Our list comprises the best antiviruses with VPN capabilities, as well as VPNs that offer antivirus programs. Here are our top five recommendations for the best antivirus-VPN comprehensive protection.

The Best Antiviruses With VPNs

  1. Avira Prime — A great antivirus software with good VPN tools.
  2. McAfee Total Protection — An antivirus-VPN…