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Which security keys are best?

A computer security key can help protect your online accounts. Safe online practices are the first line of defense against potential problems, but employing multi-factor authentication (MFA) measures with a security key can give users the digital protection they need.

The best choice for an unobtrusive security key from a trusted brand is the Yubico YubiKey 5 Nano. Users like the compact design and versatile protection it provides.

What to know before you buy a security key

Type of USB port on your computer

Not all keys are the same scale or meant for the same port, so check what slots are on your PC. USB 2.0 and 3.0 have been common for a long time, but there are other types with totally different form factors. Before buying any security key, check that it is compatible with your device.

What you are protecting

If you want to prevent people from accessing locally stored files on a computer hard drive, a security key for online accounts is not what you need. You can use some for logging into a computer, but you should check with the manufacturer. If you do need a security key for your online accounts, you can take measures to protect your online presence before you get your hands on a key. Consider password-management services or managing your passwords yourself in carefully documented files. Regularly changing your passwords also helps protect you without a security key.

Are you concerned about certain information being stolen?

If you are worried about identity theft, for example, there are services you could sign up with in addition to using security keys. Credit monitoring services are available, and there are more ways to help secure your information than just a security key. For information about how to set up a security key and get started with protecting yourself online, look at BestReviews’ explanation.

What to look for in a quality security key

Authentication methods

The best security keys provide multiple methods for authenticating your identity and ways to protect yourself if someone steals the physical security key. Some keys have built-in pin codes and fingerprint sensors are available. Security methods should adapt to what the…